Have fun
with people
around you!

Location based app
for communicating with people around you.

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Available in Belarus and Latvia.

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Chat & Win!

Встреча в кафе с whynott

See who else is there!

Talk to everyone in the venue,
express yourslf with picks and stickers
or use DM’s
to slide in a private conversation.

Бесплатное пиво whynott

Get surprise freebies!

Interact in the app
and get coupons or promotional rewards,
which you can use yourself
or forward to someone special!

Колесо фортуны от whynott

Try your luck!

Our Wheel of Fortune
will spice up your experience.
Spin the wheel,
get matched with someone
and win free stuff!

Whynott Reviews

Usually can’t talk to strangers,
now it feels like I know everyone in the cafe!

I don’t do online dating,
but this is something else!

So easy, so simple and consuming!
Love it!

The best way to have fun at the club.

I have never seen
such a relaxed way of socialising.

Danced for the first time in the club,
got a drink as a reward.