Chat with people
next to you!

Location based app
for communicating with people around you.

chats, whynott, чаты, общение
Спеть вместе whynott
chats, whynott, общение, купоны
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of venues
Available on the iOS App Store Available on Google Play for Android
Available in Belarus and Latvia.

Socialize and find out who is next to you!

chats, whynott, общение, купоны

See who else is there!

Talk to everyone who is around you,
express yourself with
picks and stickers
or use DM’s
to slide in a private conversation.

chats, whynott, чаты, общение

Get surprise freebies!

Interact in the app and get
coupons or promotional rewards,
which you can use yourself
or forward to someone special!

whynott, чаты, общение

Try your luck!

Be engaged in quizzes,
compete and get free prizes!

Whynott Reviews

Usually I can’t talk to strangers now it feels like I know everyone around me!

I do not sit on dating sites, but it does not look like them!

So easy, so simple and consuming!
Love it!

You want to know who is next to you now and socialise or have fun, it’s the best way!

Finally you can chat without stress!

I didn’t know what to do, downloaded the app and found out what was going on in my city. Cool!